Awaken the emotion and treasure a unique and unforgettable memory.

Titila knows that a wedding should go beyond the ceremony and the reception; that is why we create moments that arouse emotion, surprise and full enjoyment, making it an absolutely unique, memorable experience, rich in memories.

We are convinced that trust is strengthened by participating in the process and guaranteeing peace of mind to the client, which is why budgets, estimates, quality and deadlines are essential.

A unique style for a unique wedding.

Our team of creative and experienced wedding scenography professionals work closely with the client in order to understand the client’s needs and preferences, so that together we can create a personalised proposal that reflects the unique style of each couple.

We stand out for our specialisation and ability to coordinate the integration of multidisciplinary suppliers in a complete and global vision, offering innovative proposals without losing the essence of their purpose.

Excellence and quality.

Aimed at those brides and grooms who have a very advanced project but prefer to delegate the development of their big day to professionals.

We understand that our range of services is as wide as one can imagine, so our strength lies in tailor-made proposals.

We design, produce and co-ordinate your whole wedding

— Integral Wedding Service

Zero worries.

Trust in TITILA.

This section contemplates the integral design, production and coordination of a wedding. It is a comprehensive service that covers the long journey from the conception of a wedding to its celebration.

Meetings, technical visits, proposals, suggestions, ideas, creations, search and selection of spaces, suppliers, decoration, assembly, logistics, transport, accommodation, Audiovisuals, shows, performances, production hostesses, gifts, stationnery and calligraphy, technical solutions, finding the right Church and managing bureaucratic hurdles, pre and post wedding options and of course the In Situ coordination when the big day arrives.

We know first hand the expectations that a bride and groom have of their wedding day. We also know the careful attention that every detail requires in order to achieve the maximum Flow.

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You control the situation, we will coordinate it for you

— Coordination Service

We coordinate so that everything goes perfectly.

Aimed at those brides and grooms who are very advanced in their project and who prefer not to delegate creative decisions or new proposals.

This coordination option offers maximum peace of mind on D-Day to you, the hosts, as Titila takes control and management of the coordination in situ, taking care of the timing, the suppliers involved, set-ups, receiving the guests and monitoring the development of the event on site.

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An idyllic wedding in Spain

— Wedding Destination

A dream without borders.

Spain is the preferred destination for foreign weddings, making it the perfect setting for an idyllic and romantic wedding. Our architectural heritage, as well as our diverse geography and warm climate make Spain a great attraction in the sector.

Titila is receptive to its foreign public offering answers according to their language, culture, customs, tradition and religion.

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We create the best day of your life in an integral way

— Big Productions

High quality for large-scale projects.

Aimed at large-scale productions that require more attention and involvement than usual. These projects may require visual presentations supported by planimetries, renderings, computer graphics, 3D proposals and specific designs.

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Details make the difference

— Extras

Titila details.

Titila offers to cover as many resources and services as necessary. That is why we offer a careful selection of complementary assistance that could alleviate, even more, the work of the bride and groom.

  • Guests tracking and confirmation of attendance
  • Personalised calligraphy of invitations
  • Watercolours
  • Monitoring and follow-up of attendees´ transport
  • Private check-in at hotels
  • Tailor-made concierge service
  • VIP assistance
  • Tailor-made entertainment service
  • Guides and sightseeing tours
  • Child-oriented activities
  • Tailor-made decorative staging.
  • Personalised designs.
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