Our Mission

To design unique events, adding the colour and flavour of Spanish style, multiplying the excitement of the memory of truly unforgettable experiences.

Every event involves uncertainty in the face of cultural challenges, language barriers, unfamiliarity with the local market and differences in rules and regulations that make decision-making difficult. There are also logistical challenges in managing local suppliers, transport, coordination of schedules and communication between different areas. These aspects can generate stress, create worries and possible misunderstandings. Loyalty to the customer can only be ensured with an overt management capacity of control and knowledge.

We establish a symbiotic relationship that conveys peace of mind and trust.

Operations centre: Seville

Our Values

Creatividad | TITILA Eventos Integrales


The ability to create unique and innovative events that exceed the expectations of clients and guests.

Profesionalidad | TITILA Eventos Integrales


A skilled, responsible and committed team.

Flexibilidad | TITILA Eventos Integrales


Real capacity to adapt to the multidisciplinary needs and preferences of the client, respecting their nationality, culture and tradition.

Organización | TITILA Eventos Integrales


The only key to ensure smooth planning and execution processes.

Calidad | TITILA Eventos Integrales


We offer premium productions where the quality of service and the careful selection of the suppliers involved are exceptional.

Autoexigencia | TITILA Eventos Integrales


We try to be better every day, optimising tangible results in each event.

Confianza | TITILA Eventos Integrales


This is the most important link with the client, a relationship of transparency, commitment and accompaniment throughout the creation process.

Comunicación | TITILA Eventos Integrales


Effective and clear to ensure that the client is informed of each stage of the process and feels involved and supported in the planning and execution of the event.

Powerful women shine

Olivia de Montalembert as General Manager, and Laura León as Project Leader, consolidated names in the sector who have combined their talents with more than 35 years of experience between the two, make up a “dream team” and lead a great team of professionals together with exceptional suppliers in the art of hosting and celebrating unique events in Spain.

Olivia de Montalembert

Managing Director


Laura León

Project leader

lauraleon@titila.es+ 34 677 389 292